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Bella Private Markets is made up of smart, intellectually curious people who are passionate about helping our clients succeed. Under the expert leadership of Dr. Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School, we approach each question with academic rigor and partner closely with our clients to provide direct, actionable insights. You’ll enjoy having Bella on your team.



Bella Private Markets is guided by the expert leadership of its two founding partners, Dr. Josh Lerner and Ann Leamon. After working together at Harvard Business School for a decade, the two partnered in 2010 to found Bella and respond to the needs of the private capital industry. With more than 45 years of combined experience, Josh and Ann bring unparalleled expertise and insight to our clients.


Dr. Josh Lerner

Managing PArtner, Co-Founder

Josh Lerner has dedicated his life to studying private markets. He is the Head of the Entrepreneurial Management unit and Jacob H. Schiff Professor at Harvard Business School. During his years at HBS, he has published extensive research on topics ranging from the structure and role of PEVC groups to innovation policy and its impact on firm strategy. Much of this research is collected in the 11 books he has authored, including the textbook Venture Capital, Private Equity, and the Financing of Entrepreneurship that he wrote with his co-founding partner at Bella Private Markets, Ann Leamon. Through Bella, Josh transfers the insights of his research from the halls of academia into the executive offices of our client firms, helping managers overcome the daunting and ever-changing obstacles that confront private markets.


Ann Leamon

Partner, Co-founder

Ann Leamon brings to Bella a wealth of experience in the areas of private capital and innovation from both an academic and practitioner perspective. During her 14 years at Harvard Business School, Ann wrote over 120 cases, co-founded HBS’s Center for Case Development, and worked with Josh Lerner to restructure the popular Venture Capital and Private Equity class. Off campus, Ann managed corporate communications and investor relations for Bessemer Venture Partners, a global top-tier venture and growth equity firm, attending weekly investment committee meetings and conveying relevant information to stakeholders both within and outside the firm. As COO at Bella, Ann manages the firm’s projects and works closely with clients to provide solutions to their most complex problems and help them document and communicate their strategies.


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