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Bella Private Markets focuses exclusively on providing solutions to the challenges facing the private capital industry. Led by Dr. Josh Lerner and Ann Leamon, Bella combines rigorous academic approaches with real world industry expertise to provide actionable insights for our clients. We focus on complex, customized projects that require thorough analysis, whether quantitative or qualitative in nature, to help our clients improve performance, optimize operations, and chart winning strategies for the future.


Who do we help?

We serve as trusted advisors to the senior management of organizations across the private market landscape, including fund managers, asset owners, and other market participants interested in funding innovation and entrepreneurship.

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More Information

Bella’s work has taken us around the globe on customized projects for interesting clients investigating a wide range of topics. To explore some of the areas in which we have helped clients in the past, click the downloadable brochures below for more information.


Dr. Josh Lerner &
Ann Leamon

Bella Private Markets is guided by the expert leadership of its two founding partners, Dr. Josh Lerner and Ann Leamon. After working together at Harvard Business School for a decade, the two partnered in 2010 to found Bella and respond to the needs of private capital industry. With more than 45 years of combined experience, Josh and Ann bring unparalleled expertise and insight to our clients.