Vladimir Bosiljevac

Consulting Researcher

Vladimir Bosiljevac, Consulting Researcher, is a Lecturer at Harvard Law School and Harvard University’s Department of Economics, where he teaches courses on private equity, M&A and corporate governance. He also conducts research in finance and economics focusing on private equity and venture capital. He has won several awards for his teaching. Based part of the year in Croatia, Vladimir contributes his extensive private equity knowledge along with his interviewing skills to Bella’s projects.

As a consultant, Vladimir has advised a broad range of clients, which include leading international organizations, governments and companies as well as leading US and emerging markets private equity firms, on projects across a multitude of sectors and geographies. Prior to coming to Harvard in 2007, Vladimir had a number of positions within the investment banking, private equity, and corporate sectors in Europe.

Vladimir was educated at University of Zagreb and Harvard University, where he earned an LL.M. from Harvard Law School with a focus on the comparative law and economics of global private equity.