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Value-added services: A modern approach to VC investing

In the face of a deluge of capital, GPs are seeking ways to gain a competitive edge in attracting top investors and top portfolio companies. To this end, many VC firms are increasingly trying to differentiate themselves by providing value added services (VAS). In this post, Jake Ledbetter discusses some of our recent research into this phenomenon and explores its staying power.

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Independent sponsors in the modern PE industry

In today's crowded PE industry, fund managers are facing pressure to deploy capital in a hot market while still achieving the outperformance PE is known for. But LPs are becoming frustrated with stagnating returns and high fees, leading some to question the classic PE fund structure itself. Could this moment in time be an opportunity for alternative PE models to flourish? In this post, Alex Billias considers the rise of the independent sponsor model, and how its potential benefits to both fund managers and LPs may .make it particularly well-suited to the current PE environment.

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Monte Carlo-style simulation analysis for private equity portfolio modeling

In this blog post, Alex Billias and Jake Ledbetter discuss how Bella Private Markets uses Monte Carlo- style simulation methods and historical data to model the cash flows and valuations of portfolios of private equity funds. They also explore how investors and fund managers alike can benefit from this powerful, customized approach to modeling risk and returns.

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Private Equity Findings Issue 14

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Why should private equity care about social impact?

While critics of the private equity industry lambaste it as being exploitative and short-sighted, in reality PE firms are increasingly turning their attention to social impact and long-term value creation. Initially spurred on by asset owners and shifting industry dynamics, fund managers are now finding that ESG considerations can also help boost fund returns. Furthermore, PE investors are uniquely positioned to enact impactful positive changes in their portfolio companies. In this Bella Insight, Shonali Pal explores these topics and shares some of the exciting ways that Bella clients have been at the forefront of this trend.

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